Who are we?

For those of you that doesn’t know us, a short introduction: we are a young family: Iulia + Gabi + David (our sun) + our own cats, plus a gang of cats saved from various situations or taken in foster from/for ANU Association.

At some point, having too many rescued cats, we decided to build our home outside the city. We built it having rescuing cats in our mind from the project phase. So, this house has one of the room dedicated for the cats, a wood shelf also for them and an entire garden protected by net extension where only cats are allowed.

Just so it remains written, we are doing this rescuing activity as volunteers. We are not part of any NGO, we are not an NGO, we do not make an economic activity out of rescuing. We have a nice collaboration with ANU Association. We manage the place (including here all the activities that are required to be done around a house specific to each of the seasons) and take care of the cats in our custody (including here visits to the vet, in house treatments where the case, good food, socializing with the cats). The association is helping with neutering and most of the veterinary costs, helping with finding adopters and with all the adoption process. Most of the cost associated with food is from our own resources (our own salaries) and from help we receive from who ever wants to help.

All this rescuing activity we do it in our free time. We both have normal/decent (good, by Romanian standards) jobs that provides us the resources to live along with the cats in our custody. We don’t like the idea of making a businesses using animals. Even when getting involved in helping people that need to leave their cats for some time in our place (for different reasons, moving, vacation etc) we ask only for the food and sand that cat will consume, nothing more (and people can confirm this). Most of the time we use our own resources on top of the help provided by ANU or friends that support us monthly by adopting from distance one of the cats in our custody (months when we did not had to put any money ourselves in the last 4 years are a rare exception).