Update 2017-01-28: Trixie is not that feral now, we can vaccinate her, put a spot on her back for deworming and treatment against fleas, but still she is far away from being a pet. Plus she is Tony’s best friend, we could not separate them !

We first saw Trixie in the basement. Initially we were convinced that she is a he, young male, so he was not a top priority regarding the neutering.This was until one day when I was amazed to see how well “he” is tolerated by an older, stronger, alpha male cat. They were eating from the same bowl. Then I realized that probably we are not dealing with a young male cat but with a young female. So suddenly she became a top priority. In the second day we blocked the entry in the basement and captured her with a transport cage (her capturing was a real adventure … not really the nicest adventure …. I had to chase her down until she was to exhausted to run to be able to capture her). After she was captured she was neutered, next step being the return outside (in that moment she was a young strong healthy feral cat, so the strategy was plain and simple … TNR). After she recovered from the anesthesia she immediately hided under the stove. There she stood about 1 month or more. We felt sorry to pull her out by force, we were also afraid not to broke her surgery wound so … we left her alone. While we were at work she was coming out for food and litter box so we can’t say her presence was really noticed. Than in time she started to interact with the juniors in the house and after some more time she gave up her shelter from under the stove and begone to stay with the rest of the gang even in our presence. She does not stand to put your hand on her, we can touch her easy while she eats and in the evening when she is sleepy, but just enough to have a treatment for external parasites, under no circumstances she cannot be held in your arms or put nicely in a transport cage. So anyone wanting to adopt her will need to be aware that simple operations with other cats, like an internal deworming, a vaccine, going to the doctor will be very difficult if not impossible with Trixie. Trixie’s luck is that she is perfectly healthy, she had no real health problem until now since we got her, she is not the type that tends to gain weigh after neutering, her eyes are ok, sop a very strong organism. If she wouldn’t have such a baby face and if she wouldn’t get so attached to the rest of the gang for sure she would’ve been returned outside. But in these conditions, we decided to keep her, to socialize with her as much as we can.

Birth Date: 2011-06-20
Entered in Custody:
Sex: F
Fur Color: gray taby with wight
Adoption Rating: Not Adoptable
Adoption Priority: *Not Applicable
Last Vaccination Date: 2016-07-20
Last Vaccine: Novibac Rabies + Felocell CVR
Chip: No | Neutered: Yes

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