Captured with the live trap from an area where he was not wanted anymore. He was in danger of being poisoned. He is very wild. He was neutered and the plan was to be released in a different area. We asked for him to be given to us in the hope that maybe he is just stressed and not that wild. For months we actually did not even saw him … always hiding. In the first day he was running and hitting himself by the fence trying to escape. In the end he calm down … meaning he started to show himself, integrated among our other cats, now he stays indoor over the winter, but still no touching, no approaching. We almost were not able to put a spot on deworming on him. No way to vaccinate or microchiping him. So, most probably he will never leave our place. Lucky for us and for him, he is a very strong and healthy cat and is not aggressive with the other cats … so he is not generating any problem.

Birth Date: 2014-05-10
Entered in Custody:
Sex: M
Fur Color: tiger grey
Adoption Rating: Not Adoptable
Adoption Priority: *Not Applicable
Last Vaccination Date: NA
Last Vaccine: NA
Chip: No | Neutered: Yes

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