His story is a simple one, a classic one. A colleague of mine got him while boldly trying to enter in his yard.  He has a husky so he took him and got him out of his yard. The little insane and suicidal one  insisted and entered again in the same yard. Then my colleague realized that the little one is in danger and he doesn’t understand that husky is not a good friend with cats.  He tried to give him to somebody, but unfortunately he didn’t find anyone to accept him. He left the cat in the car with the window slightly open until he got me on the phone.  Even if we have already to many, we couldn’t really refuse :( … so … now we have too many + 1.

Birth Date: 2012-03-27
Entered in Custody: 2012-08-26
Sex: M
Fur Color: white

Adoption Date: 2012-08-26

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