Scheduled Treatments – 2017

These are the scheduled treatments for the cats in our custody! This list is refreshed daily from our database, where we track all the treatments for each of the cats.
This list does not include any other treatments that cannot be scheduled. Click on the cat name to see the full electronic health-book of the cat.

Health-book Management (scheduled treatments for 2017)

Date Treatment Details Cat Name
2017-07-20 Vaccination – Anti Rabies Antirabic (Novibac) Trixie
2017-07-20 Vaccination – Polivalent Felocell CVR Trixie
2017-11-01 Vaccination – Polivalent Felocell CVR Soso
2017-11-01 Vaccination – Anti Rabies Novibac Rabies Soso
2017-12-07 Vaccination – Anti Rabies Antirabic Maja
2017-12-07 Vaccination – Polivalent Felocel CVR Maja