Our Dogs

These are our dogs. All were rescued from the street, from the fields. Bellow you can read a few words about each of them. None of them are for adoption.


We found her around when we started building our home. She guarded the construction. When we finished the construction we allowed her in, but she is a free spirit … cannot keep her in. She sleeps in during the night, or when its bad weather, we had her vaccinated, spayed.


He is the first dog we “got”. He was rescued from the streets of Bucharest by someone that at some point had to go back to USA. We have just moved to the house, so we took him in.


Rescued from the streets of Brasov. He is very protective on his territory. We were afraid to give him for adoption. After he got along with Habi we decided to keep him too.


She was abandoned on the fields near our home. She was lucky I was paying attention on the road and did not hit her. When we took her in, it was obvious she had puppies recently. She was prepared for adoption, but after some years as nobody asked about her … we just got used on having her around.

Ella (RIP 06-02-2017)

Saved in a winter from the fields near us. She was almost exhausted, hardly could stay on her feet. She was full with tumors. She got surgery and recovered very nicely. But at her age adoption was not an option. After 3 winters with us she passed away on 6th of February 2017 …