Mango was taken from the pet shop where we usually do our shopping. The lady there asked for our help as this tomcat was having problems with one eye . We took him to the doctor and he started some treatment for a few days hoping that we can save the eye. After 3 days the doctor decided to take out the eye. I asked him also to neuter him if possible .. and he was also neutered.

We took  him at our new home where he stood in the quarantine for a few days.

He healed quick and well, got used to having only one eye, started to interact well with the other cats in our location. He loved us for sure … was so attached to us.

He was used to get out during the night, so when he felt better he anted to get out. Maybe we should’ve insisted to keep him inside … but that is not our approach. We really don’t like to keep these cats captive.

For 3 nights he was out, in the morning was waiting to get in (just like at the pet shop) was sleeping all day long … it was ok like that.

And then … one morning he just didn’t came anymore. No killer dogs in the area, there are other cats in the area, few people there are tolerant with cats … so …. there was no imminent danger.

To be realistic  I put this post in the deceased category … if I am mistaking … I hope he is well where he is !

Birth Date: 2010-11-14
Entered in Custody: 2013-02-05
Sex: M
Fur Color: white + orange

Death Date: 2016-02-18

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