How Can You Help?


Most important way to get involved and help is by adopting in a responsible manner. To get people involved in desperate cases or urgent rescuing cases its easy. Its just about money in the end. Its easier to find people to get involved for a specific case financially that it is to find people to continue these cases, to adopt, to get to be responsible for the next 10-15 years for a furry kid in their family. Its so sad to see rescued cats that are growing old in foster. Fosters, no meter how good they are managed, will never replace a normal family for the cat.


Until a family is found, the cats remains in our care. That is generating costs, which are not very high when you consider each cat, but which are becoming challenging when we talk about 50+ cats which is the number around we tend to circle around. Also adoption at distance is an important thing when it comes for cats that will never leave our place. Sometime a rescued cat turns to be feral, or almost feral. In such case, the normal action would be to release her back after the cat’s health state is acceptable for surviving on its own. But many times the cat ends up to get along with the rest of the cats and gets integrated in the big family, or the cat never fully recover to be return on her territory. In such cases we just cannot take the cat and put it out in the “wild”. Also, sometime, the cats that end up in our care are just to old or are suffering for terminal/incurable illnesses. In these cases the best solution is to allow them to live their last years with us and not subject them to the stress of traveling to adopting families.
To adopt from distance one cat would cost about 30 EUR\month. This would cover all the basic needs of the cat (decent food, annual vaccination, dewormings, flea treatments). Ideally the more cats have a supporter the better things would be for the entire place, the more cases we would be able to get involved into, the safer things would be from the exposure to critical situations point of view offering us more leverage to deal with such situations.


Time is a constant constraint and we tend to take care primarily for the urgent, live saving activities. Promoting the cats in order to find them a forever home is usually not in these categories of activities. Plus, this is an activity that involves interacting with humans, which is not an easy thing for everyone. Especially when you are tired, stressed, always on the rush. You need to be a certain type of people, with a certain set of skills, in order to take care successfully of this activity. So, if you have time and think you have these set of skills please feel free to share our cats, get involved in home checks over the new possible adopters, educate people regarding the responsibilities involved by the adoption of a cat, educate people about the true nature of cats and fight the stupid misconceived ideas that are so wild spread among people regarding what cats are and how them should be treated. We thank you in advance.


Sometimes people are reluctant to adopt a cat from thousands of miles away. Many would rather adopt a cat that they can see and / or interact with. For this, external fosters are very important. External meaning in our case outside of Romania. Cats to be sent to an external foster are cats ready for adoption, without any illness (exceptions are clearly discussed … for example cats with disabilities) so that they do not generate additional costs which many times are way more expensive in a western country than they would be in Romania. Also external fosters are very important when it comes to failed adoptions. Returning the animal back to Romania should be avoided if an external foster can get involved near in the zone (100 km road trip is less stressful and traumatic than 1000-2000 km trip).
Be careful, its a known scenario, external fosters failing in their job. Some time they get so attached to the fostered babies that they end up adopting them. That is not cool at all 😛