Heintzi comes from the same place as Sophia and Rastus. He was the most sick from the 3 cats we took into custody from that location.  The second day we took him back to the vet for some stronger treatment, being afraid he will not survive the night. He had liquid in his lungs and other complications. After a few days we took him back with us. Full of live. A radical change … we were making jokes that they gave back to us another kitten and the original Heintzi died :) .   He was neutered but remained just as active and spoiled. He is one of the most sociable tomcats that came into our home.

The association is taking care of the expenses related to vaccination, neutering, microchip and food. More details about this case here.

Birth Date: 2012-06-14
Entered in Custody: 2013-03-15
Sex: M
Fur Color: orange tabby

Adoption Date: 2013-03-15

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