We found Garfield one cold winter morning in the parking area. He was following people, we were just leaving for work, had our house full so,  felt sorry, put our eyes in the ground and we left 🙁 .In the evening when my wife returned home, from 4 possible block entries, he was waiting exactly at the one we were living at. She couldn’t enter and live him out. We just said it was supposed to be like that and took him also. From the first moment he settled perfectly, used just fine the litter box, went like a brave punk among the others, without fighting with anyone. He received intensive antibiotic treatment in order to bring his respiratory problems to a stable state. Who knows how many days and nights he had to endure the cold of the winter? He was a small and thin male cat. Now he is healthy, big, long, is not fat at all and sometimes still snores at night. Otherwise, he is a talkative prince, that talks to you and answers you when the case!

Birth Date: 2010-09-01
Entered in Custody: 2013-08-02
Sex: M
Fur Color: Orange Taby

Adoption Date: 2013-08-02

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