NOTA: it is recommended to be adopted together with Karla. They grownup together, they get along and they miss one another!

We got Emy from the pet-shop where we usually go and buy all that we need for the cats. She was abandoned in the area and followed the food smell (clever girl). She was 4-5 weeks when we got her from there. Was in a bad shape: very fat (we presumed she was full with worms), eye infection, fever. 

The doctors that treated her in the beginning were almost about to operate her as she was still fat even after a month (so all worms should’ve been gone by now). In the end we found a doctor that came with another conclusion: she is just fat … she is healthy, all parameters looks ok, but is a cat with a grater weigh than the normal. She remained with a runny eye but this problem is not evolving and does not need medication … just cleaning the eye from time to time !

She is very friendly, very attached to Karla (they lived together in one location before bringing them to our foster), she is ok with changes in her living place (she was adopted and returned 4 times, so she does not care when you take her into a new place). Why adopted and  returned? Because of bad luck in finding the proper adopters, lake of experience in finding the adopters at that time. Otherwise she is a perfect cat for any family.

Birth Date: 2010-09-28
Entered in Custody: 2015-06-12
Sex: F
Fur Color: white with black

Adoption Date: 2015-06-27

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