His story is a simple one, a classic one. A colleague of mine got him while boldly trying to enter in his yard.  He has a husky so he took him and got him out of his yard. The little insane and suicidal one  insisted and entered again in the same yard. Then my colleague […]


Ziva is a cat about 2 months old, found in a parking. She was crying as loud as she could, because of hunger and probably because of the could, she was crying after her mother. She has been taken to the vet, treated for internal and external parasites, seems healthy for the moment. Birth Date: […]


Tina is a cat that for sure was abandoned on the streets. She is so thin because she didn’t get enough food, she is much too sociable so is unlikely to be born outside. She is just not made to survive on the streets. A proof for this is the current condition … she hasn’t […]


Rastus comes from the same place as Sophia. Had a broken paw that healed wrong for a long time. We had to amputate it. Now she recovered after surgery and he is perfectly ok.  He is handling well in 3 legs like any other kitten, umps also on the table and on the wardrobe, runs in […]