OVH because of a dead kitten inside of her … then she was poisoned and treated again Birth Date: 2016-01-01Entered in Custody: Sex: FFur Color: orange with whiteAdoption Rating: Normal Adoption (+)Adoption Priority: Normal PrioLast Vaccination Date: 2017-02-08Last Vaccine: Novibac Rabies + Felocel CVR Chip: Yes | Neutered: Yes Facebook Album: | CatsDB Link:


Elina is an older cat, and because of that she likes to be left alone. Now, that is hard here among 20+ other cats, but she manages to stay out of conflicts. She is really careful what she eats so you have to provide her the best food otherwise she will just starve to death. […]

Sasha II

Was found in shock after being hit by a car. Because of the accident she got a broken leg. She was also pregnant. Because of the accident her babies were dead inside already causing internal infections. Nobody knows how many days she was agonizing before she was found. Birth Date: 2012-07-15Entered in Custody: 2017-08-03Sex: FFur […]

Ares II

Birth Date: 2007-04-18Entered in Custody: Sex: MFur Color: black and whiteAdoption Rating: Normal Adoption(-)Adoption Priority: Low PrioLast Vaccination Date: 2017-04-18Last Vaccine: Felocel CVR + Antirabic Chip: Yes | Neutered: Yes Facebook Album: | CatsDB Link:


http://www.facebook.com/alina.popa.351/media_set?set=a.566877280021439.1073741980.100000975171673&type=3 Birth Date: 2001-07-20Entered in Custody: 2013-08-10Sex: FFur Color: gray taby plus white Death Date: 2016-02-18 Facebook Album: | CatsDB Link:


Mango was taken from the pet shop where we usually do our shopping. The lady there asked for our help as this tomcat was having problems with one eye . We took him to the doctor and he started some treatment for a few days hoping that we can save the eye. After 3 days […]