Ares was one of the feral cats that was hiding in our basement specially equipped to offer shelter during the winter. For a month I gave him food and fresh water, got closer to him … he became more and more domestic, at some point I could actually pet him while he was eating. I observed from the beginning 2 small wounds so I tried to give him some antibiotics along with the food to help him heal. Unfortunately the wounds were unchanged; he was leaving blood in the basement. So we decided to capture him, neuter him and while under anesthesia the doctor could treat him for the small wounds and after some days for recovery the next step would have been the returning in the territory. It was a viable plan. He was massive, strong, and healthy (except the wounds on his back), he was receiving basic food, fresh water and shelter in case of extreme weather. Unfortunately when the doctor started to shave the hair around the 2 visible wounds, he saw that those were only the tip of the iceberg. Actually the doctor had to shave a whole section of hair from his back. Doctor told us that most probably Ares arrived in a new territory (and this is true, as we know most of the cats in our area, and he was totally lost in space and scared when we first saw him) and he was attached by the older males in that area which made those wounds (this is what happens when more males attack in the same time a younger, foreign male to get him out of their territory). Lucky for Ares, he seems to have a strong body and a strong immune system as the wounds didn’t get infected after more than a month from the fights. He couldn’t be neutered at that moment, and we started to treat the wounds with antibiotics and some blue spray (see incredible pictures here). After one month of treatment Ares was ready to be neutered and than the wounds started to heal. Only now after about 3 months the fur is mostly recovered. He will be ok, no need for further treatments. At this time, he is fully integrated in our feline family, he is so well inside, so returning him to the territory would be a cruelty. Just think how he would look with those eyes asking why you take me from here and get me out in the cold? What did I do? I was a good boy … just like the other cats here … so … that is not possible in this moment. He is a very good candidate for adoption, and this is what we are looking for in this moment … one special family that will be able to love him as a member of the family, just like he is now for us.
More pictures can be seen here. Not very photogenic, especially when using the flash … but this is our boy :)

Birth Date: 2009-06-01
Entered in Custody: 2012-06-14
Sex: M
Fur Color: white with black

Adoption Date: 2012-06-14

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